Evolving Journey Astrology


                 "Whatever is born in a moment of time...

                                    bears the qualities of that moment." 

                                                                                                                                          -- Carl Jung 


    Evolutionary Astrology speaks profoundly to the gifts and challenges of the personal life, but also moves beyond them--into the realm of spirit and soul. What do the deeper themes of the birth chart reveal? What is the soul assignment or mission of your chart? How can self-knowledge be translated into profound change? What are the antidotes to old patterns and behaviors? What are the strategies that can guide you, not just on this human journey, but on the journey of the soul? 
      Evolving Journey Astrology is the work of Maridel Bowes, M.A., former psychotherapist as well as creator of "Charting Your Own Course" -- an experiential approach to learning astrology. Her in-depth relationship with psychology and spirituality infuse her readings, classes and workshops. She practiced astrology and taught astrology for seventeen years in Sacramento, California, and now lives and works in Portland, Oregon.


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