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 Maridel's  Mini Astro Bio   


 When I was in my early thirties, I wrote in my journal, "It's really interesting that my two closest friends are both Scorpios," and then felt compelled to write in the column, "NOT that I believe in astrology!"   

It's been twenty-four years since I had my first astrology reading in a little house on stilts in Inverness, California, and left two hours later with head shaking and heart humming. Something magical had just transpired! Three years later I began integrating astrology into my therapy practice and gradually became a "counseling astrologer."  In 1994 I  created, "Charting Your Own Course," an experiential approach to learning astrology. That first class lasted nine years! I have since taught several classes and workshops in the Sacramento area as well as in Portland, Oregon and Boise, Idaho.

To this day I have never read a chart without an inner bow to my two mentors, each different and each a master of the art of astrology: Judah Betz, a self-taught astrologer and hermit who lived in the house in Inverness; and acclaimed American astrologer, Steven Forrest, who added untold depth to my work with his evolutionary approach to astrology. Both of these gifted wizards live inside my readings and my heart.

Astrology has been my ally and my passion. It has been a source of livelihood, a fount of wisdom, and most of all, a steady guide on the path of my own evolution.   


     The Mystical Tale of  My Love Affair with Astrology


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