Sample of Transit and Progression Explorations


 1) Is your life’s work going through a metamorphosis? Building to a pinnacle? Winding down? What’s changing in you now that is affecting your career?


2) What is the basis of the restlessness, frustration, confusion, sadness, or depression you are experiencing right now? What is this feeling trying to awaken, illuminate or uncover in you? What is its true agenda?


 3) What is the primary relationship question or discovery for you now? Is your relationship facing challenges or changing faces? And if so, what is the nature of the change and how can you best work with it?


4) Is this a time that is indicative of a move? (Or are you consciously considering a move?) What is the underlying purpose or drive behind the geographical question? What are you moving into or toward that is bigger than re-location?


5) What are the changing tides in you now as a person? Is there an emphasis on spiritual development, and if so, what kind? Is personal empowerment a necessary focus? Is it a time to find or strengthen your voice—publicly, professionally, or in relationship? Is your greatest calling now to have fun, relax, and let go? Is it time of risk, increased individuality and freedom?


6) Are you in the midst of one of astrology’s major age-related passages, and if so, how can you gain the most from it?


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