Astrological Journey

The Story of my Love Affair with Astrology

Thirty years ago, as a new therapist, I had the most vivid visualization of my life: Beneath the surface of a lake, I discovered a box of custom-made rings. There were layers and layers of them, each of distinct and detailed design. At the same time, arms were reaching out to me from the underwater banks, and it was clear that my assignment was to distribute just the right ring to each hand. 

While I was deeply moved by this experience, I didn't comprehend its symbolism. What were these rings? And where would I get them? Who were the people reaching out for them? Despite my lack of understanding, I found that over time, my counseling work developed around the spirit of the rings: supporting others to accept and trust their own innate design—their own particular needs, experiences and feelings. 

Some years later, I trained in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and found it to be a powerful tool for encouraging others (and myself) to trust preference and inherent design, rather than striving to be like others. It felt like another step into the symbolism of the rings.

Then, in 1988, at the encouragement of a friend, I had my birth chart read in the tiny coastal town of Inverness, California.  When astrologer Judah Betz, laid the chart in front of  me, she said, “Well, here it is—your own one-of-a-kind design.”

It was several days before the significance of that statement dawned on me. Here was the “custom ring” that I was to distribute to others: the 360 degree design of the sky at the moment of birth, a reflection of the self with all its gifts and challenges. Gradually, I began to study astrology—but my greatest classroom was at Judah’s table, as I made my way time and time again to witness the readings of my clients. It was ideal training for me: hearing the charts of people I knew deeply.

In 1992, I began to give readings, and soon thereafter, started teaching astrology. I designed and created a course of study called, “Charting Your Own Course.” My goal was to present astrology in an organized and experiential way so that the ancient symbolism would be easily accessible and each person's chart would become alive to them. I was thrilled as I saw people from all walks of life so enlivened by what they learned about themselves and those they loved. 

In 2000, I attended a talk by evolutionary astrologers Jeff Greene and Steven Forrest.  A few months later, I attended one of Steven’s apprenticeship workshops in southern California, and was deeply impressed by his humorous, but penetrating approach--his unrelenting focus on the deeper questions that could be asked of a chart. He continually moved beyond description and into what he called “prescription” i.e., what is the assignment, the remedy, or the action that will take us beyond mere understanding, and usher us into the direct experience of personal evolution? What is asked of us that serves not only this life, but the longer journey of the soul?

Ironically, as a result of my difficulty with the physical accommodations of this workshop, Steven and I opened a conversation that led to his coming to Sacramento to hold a weekend workshop for my students. He has returned nine times over the years and continues to teach and read charts for our "soul family." 

Each of my mentors has shaped me profoundly as an astrologer -- in sharing their knowledge and wisdom, as well as supporting me to find my own voice and style. Regardless of the type of reading, my assignment is always the same: to engage my own head, heart and soul in translating the symbols to the client, thereby presenting options that awaken consciousness  and clarity. It is a daunting and magical practice, a time-honored source of self-realization for which I am inexpressibly grateful.  




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