Birth Chart Readings

"The Path to Living Your Wholeness"

The natal chart reading is the story of you: your pattern of energies as reflected in the planetary design at the moment of your first breath. Regardless of the length of reading you choose, an in-depth narrative is at the heart of it. Your talents, challenges, relationship and career paths, and spiritual orientation are illuminated--all in the context of the deeper soul story that you are here to live.


 Types of Birth Chart Readings


Comprehensive: Covering the whole of your planetary design, this reading offers a full description of the self with its talents, challenges, relationship profile and patterns, career inclinations and abilities--and how they serve the underlying purpose and assignments of the soul's journey.

Two-hour Phone Reading $250


Sun, Moon and Ascendant: Focusing on "the primal triad" of your chart, this reading offers in-depth interpretation of its key players: the identity (sun); the emotional center (moon); and the persona (ascendant), revealing how they reflect the personal self as well as how they are meant to support the soul's agenda.

One-and-a-half hour Phone Reading $200


Chart Focus: Is there a particular area of your life that you would like to understand deeply from an astrological perspective? This reading is the opportunity to go into the layers of a particular topic that is confusing, challenging or vexing--a close-up perspective that a broader reading cannot offer. Possible topics include, but are not limited to: relationship, career/work, money, spiritual path, karmic assignments.

One-hour Phone Reading $150 (Recommended as a follow-up to birth chart work)


All readings are recorded and sent to your email inbox as an file to be saved on your computer. A free half-hour follow-up phone session is included in the 2-hour and 1.5 hour readings  to answer any questions you may have. 


Transit and Progression Readings

"How the Birth Chart is Currently Unfolding"


Your birth chart is a snapshot of the heavens at the moment of your first breath, and as such, remains a "fixed design" throughout your life. However, that design is intended to evolve, expand and grow in its expression--with your free will as the key to its unfolding.

A "Transits and Progressions" reading looks at the current positions of the planets and the contacts they are making back to the birth chart design--revealing both the personal and soul development that is calling for your attention right now. This reading offers not only guidance and support, but is a powerful source of confirmation for your own intuition and inner direction. Specific time frames for each contact are included.



What's going on in your life right now? Are you in a field of high change? Necessary focus and commitment? Deep soulful processing? All three? Which areas of your life are most impacted right now-- Relationship? Career? Family? Inner Life? Is a specific part of you spotlighted right now...with many transiting planets focused on its development? And through it all, what is the soul purpose of these shifts in your inner and/or outer life?


What are the deeper evolutionary forces in your life and how they are impacting you now? Because they move more slowly than transits, progressions build up incredible momentum that creates powerful opportunities for personal and soul growth across long periods of time.

 I always use a combination of these two modalities to deliver a meaningful picture of  your current path and most importantly, how you can most effectively TRUST and USE the energies that are available.


Types of Transit and Progression Readings

Comprehensive: Includes a description of the major influences in your life around career, relationship, spiritual path, creative process, self-development, and more. Themes are dependent on which energies are active. Time duration spans three to four years.

Two-hour Phone Reading $275


Abridged: Also describes the active or rising themes in your life at this time, but addresses fewer of them. Also spans three to four years.

One-and-a-half hour Phone Reading  $225


Selected: Speaks to the one or two most significant developments in your life right now. Is also excellent for focusing on a particular area of life such as relationship, career, spiritual development or other topic. The time duration spans two to three years.

One-hour Phone Reading $175


Note: If you have never had a birth chart reading, it is important to have one before the Transits and Progressions reading. The birth chart is always the root story from which all current challenges and 

opportunities arise.

All readings are recorded and sent to your email inbox as an file to be saved on your computer. A free half-hour follow-up phone session is included in the 2-hour and 1.5 hour readings  to answer any questions you may have. 

Three Reasons To Receive a Transit and Progression Reading

1) When you understand the nature of what is happening in your life, you can more easily co-operate with it--stop judging what's going on and thinking it should be different. Instead, you have a clear understanding of the nature of the times and how you can best align (or are already aligned!) with them. Acceptance of the season and of yourself.

2) Accessing the support available to you. Transits and Progressions offer specific insights and suggested direction for optimizing the energies at hand: how to use them well and what they look and feel when denied, ignored or resisted.

3) Time specific. It helps immensely to know how long the process is--when it began and when it will end. Whether it's a challenging passage or one filled with great opportunity, knowing the parameters helps you navigate the experience more consciously, playfully, and soulfully.


Astrological Counseling

When in-depth counseling is combined with specific astrological information, the result can be extraordinarily effective. A single hour offers specific direction and support from your chart, as well as clarification of your choices, and confirmation of your own intuition. As the client, you choose the focus for the session or sessions, which are recorded for your continued listening.

I have an MA in psychology and a rich background of thirty years as a therapist, workshop facilitator, astrological teacher, and counseling astrologer.

One Hour Recorded Session $85      



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