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 1) What does it mean to be true to your Sun, ensuring that your vitality is nurtured, rather than depleted?


 2) What is your persona or first impression? How do you affect and appear to others when you initially meet?


 3) What is your basis of security and what you need to give youself under stress?


4) What are your challenges in relationship, and how are they the seeds to evolving intimacy with others?


 5)What are your key inner conflicts--and the integration necessary for them to serve you rather than   permanently vex you?


 6) What is your primary need for healing in this lifetime?


 7) What is the default setting in your chart, the source of old soul habit? And by contrast, what is the pull of    the new direction for your soul? 


 8) What are your innate talents and how do they integrate with the rest of your chart?


Note: This is not an exhaustive list of questions—nor will every reading include all of these questions. However, the list is representative of the kind of questions that I speak to as an evolutionary astrologer.




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