From Maridel's Clients ...


Maridel Bowes knows how to enter into a remarkable three-way conversation with herself, the planets, and the souls of other human beings. There are astrologers who write bestsellers and yet who wouldn't have the foggiest idea what to say to a person in crisis or transformation. Then there are astrologers like Maridel, who may not have written their bestsellers (yet!), who compose their masterpieces one at a time in that secret alchemical chamber called the counseling room. I know her work. I would trust her with my own soul. I can think of no higher endorsement."

~ Steven Forrest, Evolutionary Astrologer, International Teacher and author of The Inner Sky

"Maridel did a reading for me as an example of what my customers would be able to expect when she came to Boise. WOW! It was one of the best Astrology readings I have ever had--and I have had a lot! What great insight, knowledge and awareness of my chart and the person that I came into this life to BE. Maridel's astrology readings are recorded so you can hear them over and over again. I highly recommend that you try this experience for yourself."

~ Midge Woods, Owner of Spirit At Work Books and Event Center, Boise, Idaho


Look no further. You've found the perfect evolutionary astrologer in Maridel Bowes. Maridel will guide you through all the intricacies of the cosmic world. With her clear, understandable approach and warm, compassionate manner. While we all have astrological challenges in life, Maridel will help you understand and work with these in a positive and constructive way. Her knowledge and intuition will add immeasurable depth to your understanding.

~ Stephanie Nardini, Nurse Practitioner


When I first listened to my natal chart reading, I was a total newcomer to astrology. I was hopeful that I’d learn something about myself, maybe a little skeptical, but not prepared for the astounding insight into myself that I gained. I’ve listened to my reading many times, finding each time a new understanding of myself as well as greater acceptance. This has resulted in more confident decision—making when faced with life’s choices. I’m grateful for Maridel’s skill as an astrologer, counselor, and guide through the complexities of life.

~ Jim MacDonald, Engineer


I have found Maridel’s astrological readings and astrological counseling to be profoundly accurate and supportive. She is able to provide superb insight into the self, validate feelings, and teach how to best work with the current planetary influences. Her verbiage is clear and precise, leaving no question as to the meaning of her statement.

I always attain a send of peace, combined with the knowledge of how to best navigate challenging times after consulting with Maridel. I consider myself fortunate to have met her and I highly recommend her work.

~ Mir, Medical Technician


Your readings have touched the depth of true soul and validated me as a being. They have given me the courage to work on healing the wounds of the past and to be open to my own evolving journey. I am so grateful for this spiritual experience. Trusting my inner voice has truly become a part of my process, and I now feel I have the openness and strength within me to be all I am meant to be.

Thank you, Maridel, for this wonderful gift you share with us.

~ Judy Baker


I have worked with Maridel for a number of years, relying on her wisdom to help bring clarity to my life. She provides great insights about potentials for decision-making and action. Her wonderful gentle nature is combined with great knowledge and wisdom. She has a superb way of languaging that is very clear for someone like myself who has had little previous exposure/knowledge of astrology. She helps me remember and appreciate who I am and why I am here at this time. A session with Maridel warms my heart and makes my soul smile.

~ Susan Rueppel, Personality Analyst


While driving home from Tahoe, my husband and I were listening to a tape Maridel had done of his birth chart. He was so moved by the accuracy and perceptiveness of the reading that we had to pull off the road. He was crying, not because of what she was saying, but because she was able to give voice and credence to the pain of his childhood. How could she have known this when he'd never told anyone? My scientist husband, who did not believe in astrology, was forever changed by that reading.

I highly recommend Maridel's readings - not only for the information which is conveyed, but for the sensitivity with which she conveys it.

~ Marsha MacVean, Lawyer and Writer


Maridel’s readings are incredibly insightful. She has done readings for my children at crucial times when I really needed some guidance. I love to listen to her tapes over and over again, not only because I learn more each time I listen, but also because I love to hear to her soothing voice. She has such a calming influence even without being in the room with you. I highly recommend Maridel’s readings!

~ Sandy, Mother and Homemaker


Thank you for the honor you have shown me with my reading, Maridel. It makes so much sense to me and has opened my eyes with regard to some important issues in my life. I didn’t want it to end!

~ Carrie Algren


Just like we hire travel guides to show us around in new foreign places, astrology can be a guide to show us parts of ourselves we have not been able to clearly see. It can clear the fog from the dark gloomy road we have been afraid to cross. For me, Maridel has been that travel guide and is willing to enter the fog with me and explain what is occurring.

I have had four astrology readings over a few years and continue to listen to the tapes over and over. Each time I listen to the tapes I learn something new about myself, my situation, and my own journey. With every reading, I am astounded that Maridel is able to determine from the symbols what has occurred in the past and how it connects to the present. She has tremendous insight and intuition, which also helps me believe greatly in the future direction of my life.

~ Brenna Levy, Teacher


Maridel is truly a bright and gifted presence in the world. To express in words the enormous depth, value, and beauty of her astrological readings is hardly possible. The Light of the Divine shines through in her amazingly accurate and comprehensive interpretation of the soul's journey. I have personally been so inspired by her work that I have recommended her to many friends, all of whom have expressed the same deep appreciation for her profound insights. Her capacity to enrich a life is healing, transforming, and beautiful beyond measure.

~ Anne Ewing


Maridel did a reading for my Transits and Progressions this year, sharing a wealth of information that illuminated significant aspects of my soul’s journey.  She brillantly created a context by discussing highlights of past 10 years' journey, thus offering important perspective regarding current passages. The whole reading was orchestrated with great knowledge, care, and compassion.  The gift Maridel shares comes from the heart. The experience left me feeling peace and joy as, once again, I was affirmed in the understanding that everything is unfolding perfectly. Maridel is an ally in supporting life's process, as she honors one's uniqueness in this vast net of oneness.

~Juanita Crampton


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